Sarang Walet – F.A.Q (Frequently asked questions)

Who We Are
Jualsarangwalet is a direct affiliated with IndoBirdnest with Seawijh Indonesia and Indovanili Group which is Officially  registered in Indonesia Goverment in the main business of processing and selling Swallow Bird Nest. Located in Yogyakarta and for the last half decade We have become a highly trusted company in main bussines of Indonesia Birdnest Processing and Sales. All in accordance with international standards. For Australia Service you can visit Rawyale Website.

Where do you ship
We Serve the delivery of swiftlet nest (Indonesia Birdnest) to the world. But our biggest demand is in Indonesia, China (Tiongkok), Hongkong, Singapore, And USA & Australia. If you are in that country. Of course it will be very easy for you to do business with us.

How Long Shipping
For delivery to Indonesia we use special land and air routes. So just only 1 day the goods will arrive at destination, For to Singapore and Hongkong we use TNT (2 – 4 Days), To To China (China) We use Special Delivery with some shipping companies (5 – 7 Days).

How Much Shipment Cost
The shipping cost is determined by the quantity for your order, The more will be cheaper.

How can I pay
For indonesia we provide Local Bank (MANDIRI, BCA, BRI), for singapore (PosBbank), Hongkong (BOC), China (CMB, Allipay, Wechatpay), Australia and USA (Paypal), Of course very easy for you to do business with us with all these facilities.

How to Purchase
You can know our stock amount through the contact page, So that item will be sent the same day with payment, Or do Custom Order (Pre Order) to us. If the Swallow Nest is exactly what you want. Reports from the process of raw materials, production to packing will be sent via email / chat to you. so if there is little that is not pleased with your will. Full Refund 100%

How do I store the bird nest
Keep in a cool dry place. Best in airtight glass jar (you can also guard with silica gel), remember because our product not use a mixture of preservatives, so must be careful with fungus. Mushrooms (fungus) can grow if air meet water. so keep the swallow nest in a cool dry place.

What Kind of Swallow Nest
For this type of swallow’s nest can be found on this page, Or for the Indonesia Languange (Bahasa) in here

What are the benefits of consuming Swallow’s Nest?
For all the benefits you can read on this page

What do people mean by an ‘egg aroma’ when the bird nest is cooked?
If there is an egg aroma after cooking, this means that the raw cleaned nests have been added with egg white to glue/ shape the nests for better grading (More White) as well as to add weight to it by bad sellers.
Our ‘no additives’ stance ensures that our nests have absolutely no egg aroma once cooked, only a delectably delicious and pleasant bird nest fragrance. Give our bird nest a go and we’re certain your taste buds will thank you for it

Do we accept orders in bulk / wholesale / reseller
Yes you can negotiate with us in the contacts that are available on our web

Do you sell raw materials or swallow nest
Yes we also have a swallow nest house that always harvest in every month. Of course we also sell swallow nest. Please contact us to make a purchase

For any other questions please feel free to contact us either by phone, email or whatsapp / wechat. We will be happy and always ready 24/7 to answer your questions.  Thank you

Dont Be hesitate to contact me and Untuk FAQ dengan Bahasa Indonesia dapat anda temukan Disini